Chapter 12: The Treasures and Traps of this Open Learning World

American Sign Language (Michigan State University): __ sites/aslweb/__
Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative: __
Computer Aided Language Instruction Group (University of Arizona Turkish Lessons): __ maxnet/tur/__
Connectivism: __ about.html__
Conversational Mandarin Chinese (California State Long Beach): __ ccol/content.htm__
eLearningspace: Everything E-learning (articles from George Siemens): __ Articles/index.htm__
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: __
Knowing Knowledge (George Siemen's weblog): __http://www.knowingknowledge. com/__
MIT OpenCourseWare Initiative: __ index.htm__
North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness: __ training/__
Turkish Studies, Department of Near Asia Studies (University of Arizona): __ turkish/__ __http://www.academictermpapers. com/__
ALT-C 2007: __ keynotes.html__ __
Commonwealth of Learning: __ site/pid/1__
Digital Research Tools: __http://digitalresearchtools.
Diploma Makers: __
Dying Professor's Last Lecture: __ v=ZQtwEKlUutA__ __
Google Talk: __
The Last Lecture Book by Dr. Randy Pausch is in Stores Now: __ v=PhLCnzePIaw__
Phony Diplomas: __
Pink Monkey: __
Plato's Republic (in Scribd): __ embed/9318?slag=PlatoThe- Republic-Rationalist- Philosophy__
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams: __ v=ji5_MqicxSo&feature=related__
Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates: __ v=RcYv5x6gZTA&feature=user__
Skype: __
Top Term Papers: __
Turnitin: __ home.html__