Chapter 2: To Search and to Scan (Opener #1: Web Searching in the World of e-Books)

E-Books (Opener #1): Around 100 schools in Korea are experimenting with digital books in 2009. These books are embedded with simulations, study aids, dictionaries, games, hyperlinks to the Web, multimedia, student authoring tools, enhanced data searching capabilities, email, discussion forums, and evaluation tools. The Korean government wants such books free for all schools by 2013. If Korea is successful, there is no reason why the U.S. cannot set similar goals. Already the state of California is adopting policies for digital and open access textbooks as a means to reduce the state deficit and enhance learning.

#1 - In PSD or in your school do you encourage access to free and open resources? Pleas explain.

#2 - How is the fisrt chapter 2 question and Masie’s "fingertip knowledge" reflected in classroom instruction in your school or in PSD?

Additional Chapter 2 Activity: To better experience "fingertip knowledge" and ease of information access use Google Squared, Google Squared pulls information from various websites into a table format for rapid location and connection of information. Keep in mind Albert Einstein's quote," Information is not knowledge."

#3 - How are ebooks used in your school or in PSD? Which district policies encourage or discourage use of ebooks?

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