Chapter 5: MIT in Every Home (Opener #4: Leveraged Resources and OpenCourseWare)

OpenCourseWare (Opener #4): MIT has succeeded in placing all of its courses online (some 1,890 courses). Many are being translated free to the world in Spanish, Portuguese, and simplified as well as traditional Chinese. Hundreds of other universities and other organizations are following in MIT’s footsteps in placing their courses online.

Community College Course Giveaways (Opener #4): There is a recent $500 million dollar plan ($50 million per year for ten years) from the Obama administration to create free and open online learning at the community college level. A free library of courses would be available to colleges and their students nationwide. Open courses for community college students will help millions of students explore careers options while giving many of them confidence before returning to school. They can also improve retention once they get there and lower the cost of a degree. Dr. Bonk was quoted and his World is Open book cited in key articles on these plans from theChronicle of Higher Education as well as Inside Higher Education

The China Open Resources for Education project ( .
CORE Mission: __ about_core/core_zl.htm__
eduCommons: __ educommons__
Foothill Community College OCW: __http://foothillglobalaccess. Resources__
Google Apps: __ intl/en/var_1b.html__
Hewlett Foundation OER Resources and Grants: __ Programs/Education/OER/ openEdResources.htm__
Hewlett OER Blog called OERderves: __http://www.oerderves.org__
Japan OpenCourseWare Consortium: __
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's OCW: __
The Library of Congress American Memory Project: __ index.html__
MIT Lecture Browser: __ lectures/__
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCS) Course List: __ courses/courses/index.htm__
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Project: __
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Highlights for High School: __ home/home/index.htm__
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Highlights for High School video: __ v=qMNWtUs7KoU__
MIT OpenCourseWare (videos: Motion in Two Dimensions): __ physics/a/2/2.htm__
National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (from seven IIT's in India): __
National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (from seven IIT's in India): __ nptelhrd__
National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (complete list):
__ profile_play_list?user= nptelhrd__
OOPS: (__http://oops.editme.com__)
The Open Knowledge Foundation: __
Open Yale Courses: __
OpenCourseWare Consortium: __
OpenCulture (blog from Dan Colman): __
OpenCulture (list of free courses): __ 07/freeonlinecourses.html__
OER Commons: __
Public Library of Science (__www.plos.org__)
The Rai Foundation Colleges OCW project in India: __http://www.rocw.raifoundation. org/__
Teacher lesson plan sites:
The Lesson Plan Page: __http://www.lessonplanspage. com/__
Sites for Teachers: __http://www.sitesforteachers. com__
Tufts University's OCW: __
Utah State University OCW: __
Vietnam Fulbright Economics OCW: __ cfm__
Yahoo! Teachers: __