Chapter 6: Portals for the People (Opener #5: Learning Object Repositories and Portals)

Learning Portals (Opener #5): The majority of the work of Einstein, Shakespeare, Darwin, and many other historical giants is now available for free online. Of course, Shakespeare has multiple sites as do Einstein and Darwin. Learning portals even exist for all the digital museums of the world (see the Museum of Online Museums; see as well as countless digital libraries. Free dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauruses, and open access journals allow learners to find needed information within seconds. There are also millions of free online books from Google and the Internet Archive.

Online Sharing Communities (Opener #5): MERLOT is a website that contains more than 20,000 free learning contents that are useful in higher education, many of which are peer reviewed ( MERLOT has more than 70,000 members as well as conference, journal, and newsletter. Connexions from Rice University offers similar services but is available for all ages of learners. Millions of people from 200 countries access it each month. At the same time, Curriki, spearheaded by Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy, is providing a stockpile of free K-12 content.

Open Access Journals (Opener #5): The publishing world is increasing becoming open access. Open access journals in the healthcare area provide invaluable information to those in the developing world. The Public Library of Science (PLoS) offers free peer-reviewed scientific journals. Scientists who publish in PLoS journals might present their work in SciVee. SciVee allows the user to hear or see the scientist explain his or her research in what is known as pubcasts.

#1 - Please rate the following portal-like sites using the following criteria:
1) Has a variety of links/topics
2) Easy to navigate
3) Information is shown to be vetted (by an organization/person)

Encyclopedia of Life
Museum of Online Museums
North Carolina Learning Objects Repository (log in as guest)
North Carolina e-learning Portal

#2 - How could we use the insidePSD portal as a repository to inform the work of blended teaching and learning in our district?

Acoustics for Music Theory (Catherine Schmidt-Jones): __ latest/__
The Alan Turing Home Page: __ turing/__
Armistad Digital Resource (from Columbia University): __http://www.amistadresource. org/index.html__
Audubon's Birds of Prey: __http://digital.library.pitt. edu/a/audubon/__
Babelfish: __http://babelfish.altavista. com/__ and __http://babelfish.altavista. com/__
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: __ education/__
British Library: __
British Library Online Gallery: __ onlinegallery/homepage.html__
British Library Turning the Pages: __ onlinegallery/ttp/ttpbooks. html__
Center for History and New Media (George Mason University): __
Cisco Industry Solutions Education: __ strategy/education/index.html__
Cisco Socioeconomic Development: __ about/citizenship/socio- economic/index.html__
Civil Rights Digital Library: __ crdl/home__
CNN Video: __
The Complete Works of Charles Darwin: __
Connexions from Rice University (__http://cnx.rice.edu__)
Copyright Office Basics: __ circs/circ1.html__
Curriki: __ bin/view/Main/Browse__ __http://dictionary.reference. com/__
DNA From the Beginning: __
Einstein Archives Online: __http://www.alberteinstein. info/__
Exploring and Collecting History Online (ECHO): __
eScholarship Editions: __ escholarship/__
eScholarship Publishing Program: __ escholarship.html__
eScholarship Repository: __ escholarship/__
Federal Resources for Educational Excellent project (see __
The Free Dictionary: __http://www.thefreedictionary. com/__
Free Management Library: __ __ index.php?title=Main_Page__
Goddard Space Flight Center: __ goddard/home/index.html__
HippoCampus: __
IBM Education: __ ibmgives/grant/education/__
IBM Transition to Teaching: __ ibmgives/news/transition_to_ teaching.shtml__
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities:
The Architecture of Thomas Jefferson: __ wilson/__
Mapping of the Dalai Lamas: __ dalai_lamas/__
The Melville Electronic Library: __ melville/__
Silk Road: __ melville/__
Walt Whitman Archive: __
Intel Education Initiative: __ education/__
IUScholarWorlks Repository: __ dspace/__
Jorum: __
KPMG Faculty Portal: __ facultyportal/__
Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary: __
MERLOT: __http://conference.merlot.org__,
MSN Encarta Dictionary: __ features/dictionary/ dictionaryhome.aspx__
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa: __ Tepapa/English/__
NASA Learning Technology site (see __
National Geographic News: __http://news.
National Museum of African-American History and Culture: __
Ontario Educational Resource Bank: __http://www.elearningontario. ca/eng/bank/Default.aspx__
Public Library of Science: __www.plos.org__
Richard Baraniuk: __ richb/bio.html__
Richard Baraniuk (TED video): __ v=RRymi-lFHpE__
Squidoo: __
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: __http://plato.stanford.edu__
Valley of the Shadows: __http://valley.vcdh.virginia. edu/__
Women in Math Project: __ wmnmath/__
Worldmapper: __ display.php?selected=174__
Yahoo! Education: __
Yahoo! Teachers: __
YourDictionary: __