Chapter 8: Collaborate or Die! (Opener #7: Electronic Collaboration and Interaction)

uest Experts on Demand (Opener #7): Need a guest or expert speaker for your class? Today, all it takes is a simple email request and a $20 Webcam and you can bring that person in within minutes. Experts can also arrive using text chat, online discussion forums, interactive videoconferencing, Skype, Google Talk, or virtual worlds. And they can be archived for later use. Similarly, an instructor can select any region of the world for his or her students to collaborate with using freely available technology or services.

Collaborate or Die (Opener #7): The tools for online collaboration have exploded during the past decade. Microsoft offers SharePoint and Groove while Google has Google Groups and Google Docs. Online communities like Ning foster collaboration for more than 1 million groups including the popular Ning in Education, GrownUpDigital, Classroom 2.0, LearningTown!, and the Open Source University Meetup groups.

Watch this short video regarding the power of Think as a collaborative effort, for "Ideas take life when they are shared."

#1 - What is the role of school leadership to move teachers/classrooms into online collaboration and interaction?

#2 - Are any teachers using collaborative tools with which students in your school/district are creating/sharing knowledge with students from other schools/systems/states/countries?

#3 - If #2 is not happening in your school/district, what are the barriers?

#4 - What support is provided to encourage teachers to pursue online collaboration?

Dr. Bonk points that this opener is different from others in the book:

  1. Collaboration/Interaction can be costly.
  2. This opener is not just social, but vital learning principle.
  3. It is difficult to define online collaboration; there are so many forms.
  4. Every other opener in this book relies upon this opener; collaboration.
To Dr. Bonk it is clear life and work is increasingly dependent upon collaboration.

#5 - What evidence do you have in your professional/personal life that the factory model of education is no longer successful?

#6 - Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Bonk that collaboration is an empowering engine that is the underpinning of our economic future? Give supporting facts to your answer.

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