Chapter 9: Who are you? (Opener #8: Alternative Reality Learning)

Virtual Worlds (Opener #8): As of January 2009, Second Life had more than 16 million residents, of which more than 1 million people log on each day. Colleges professors are using Second Life to teach law at Harvard, English at Ball State University, sex education at the University of Plymouth in the UK, and much more, including history, architecture, geography, art, and medicine. Using virtual world technologies like Second Life, many university medical schools and hospitals, in fact, are conducting simulations and other instructional activities that previously were extremely expensive. Businesses like IBM and Dell are finding unique ways to exploit Second Life and other virtual worlds for employee training, community building, special announcements, and online conferences.

Based upon a Pew Internet & American life Project study between 94 and 99% of all US teenagers play video games.
#1 - How do we, as educators, maximize this educational tool in our personal and professional lives (think about the last baby shower you attended; was there a toy of some sort that would connect to a computer for programming to personalize the toy)?

Watch this brief video that creates a construct for game-based learning and offers pedagogical validity for use as a teaching and learning tool:

Many adults, digital immigrants, have strong negative feelings about the use of electronic games and virtual reality. Did you view the recent “blockbuster” movie Avatar? This movie caused many adults to become curious, in a positive way, about gaming and virtual worlds.

#2 - Would greater knowledge about gaming and the positive impact it can have on education increase its use in your school/district?

Visit the Horizon Report and read the section, "Game-Based Learning"

#3 - Discuss any current usage of educational games in your school/system. What are the advantages/disadvantages to using games to improve student learning?

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