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Brief audio clips from an interview with Curtis Bonk:
- framework of 10 important trends
- influence of web technology
- how an 'open world' might be changing the nature of education
- why are people learning through new technologies
- specific websites are encouraging collaboration

  • Introduction to the Open Learning World - Nov/Dec
  • Chapter 1: WE-ALL-LEARN - Nov/Dec
  • Chapter 2: To Search and to Scan (Opener #1: Web Searching in the World of e-Books) - Jan
  • Chapter 3: E-Demand around the Globe (Opener #2: E-Learning and Blended Learning) - Jan
  • Chapter 4: It's a Free Software World After All (Opener #3: Availability of Open Source and Free Software) - Jan
  • Chapter 5: MIT in Every Home (Opener #4: Leveraged Resources and OpenCourseWare) - Jan
  • Chapter 6: Portals for the People (Opener #5: Learning Object Repositories and Portals) - Mar
  • Chapter 7: Making a Contribution (Opener #6: Learner Participation in Open Information Communities) - Mar
  • Chapter 8: Collaborate or Die! (Opener #7: Electronic Collaboration and Interaction) - Mar
  • Chapter 9: Who are you? (Opener #8: Alternative Reality Learning) - Mar
  • Chapter 10: U-Learning? (Opener #9: Real-Time Mobility and Portability) - Apr
  • Chapter 11: Learning at Your Service (Opener #10: Networks of Personalized Learning) - Apr
  • Chapter 12: The Treasures and Traps of this Open Learning World - Apr

W: Web Searching in the World of EBooks
E: E-Learning and blended learning
A: Availability of open source and free software
L: Leveraged resources open courseware
L: Learning object repositories and portals
L: Learner participation in open information communities
e: Electronic collaboration
A: Alternative Reality Learning
R: Real time Mobility and Portability
N: Networks of personalized learning


Videostream talk on the World is Open book (from Ed Media Conference invited talk) sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) - July 2009